Source code for leo.plugins.add_directives

#@+node:edream.110203113231.741: * @file
"""Allows users to define new @direcives."""

import leo.core.leoGlobals as g

directives = ("markup",) # A tuple with one string.

#@+node:ekr.20070725103420: ** init
[docs]def init (): '''Return True if the plugin has loaded successfully.''' g.registerHandler("start1",addPluginDirectives) return True
#@+node:edream.110203113231.742: ** addPluginDirectives
[docs]def addPluginDirectives (tag,keywords): """Add all new directives to g.globalDirectiveList""" global directives for s in directives: if s.startswith('@'): s = s[1:] if s not in g.globalDirectiveList: g.globalDirectiveList.append(s)
#@+node:edream.110203113231.743: ** scanPluginDirectives (no longer used)
[docs]def scanPluginDirectives (tag, keywords): """Add a tuple (d,v,s,k) to list for every directive d found""" global directives keys = ("c","p","s","theDict","pluginsList") c,p,s,theDict,pluginsList = [keywords.get(key) for key in keys] for d in directives: if d in theDict: # Point k at whatever follows the directive. s = theDict.get(d) g.trace('s',s) kind = d pluginsList.append((kind,p.v,s),)
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