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''' Executes commands in nodes whose body text starts with @produce.

WARNING: trying to execute a non-existent command will hang Leo.

To use, put in the body text of a node::

    @produce echo hi

This plugin creates two new commands: at-produce-all and at-produce-selected.

at-produce-all scans the entire tree for body text containing @produce.
at-produce-selected just scans the selected tree.

Whatever follows @produce is executed as a command.

@produce commands are executed in the order they are found, that is, in outline order.

The at-produce commands produce a log node as the last top-level node of the outline.
Any output, including error messages, should be there.

This plugin is not intended as a replacement for make or Ant, but as a
simple substitute when that machinery is overkill.

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# 2014/09/21: EKR
# - Creates at-produce-all and at-produce-selected commands.
# - Adds the log node and redraws in the main thread after the separate thread completes.

import leo.core.leoGlobals as g
import os
import subprocess
import threading
import time

# Global vars.
pr = '@' + 'produce'

#@+node:ekr.20040915085351.7: ** addMenu (no longer used)
[docs]def addMenu( tag, keywords ): '''Produce two new entries at the end of the Outlines menu.''' # pylint: disable=undefined-variable # c *is* defined. c = keywords.get('c') if not c: return mc = m = mc.createNewMenu ('Produce',parentName="outline",before=None) c.add_command(m, label = "Execute All Produce", command = lambda c = c: run(c,all=True)) c.add_command(m, label = "Execute Tree Produce", command = lambda c = c: run(c,all=False ) )
#@+node:ekr.20140920173002.17965: ** at-produce commands
[docs]@g.command('at-produce-all') def produce_all_f(event): c = event.get('c') if c: run(c,all=True)
[docs]@g.command('at-produce-selected') def produce_selected_f(event): c = event.get('c') if c: run(c,all=False)
#@+node:ekr.20050311110629.1: ** init
[docs]def init (): '''Return True if the plugin has loaded successfully.''' # g.registerHandler(('new','menu2'),addMenu) g.globalDirectiveList.append('produce') g.plugin_signon(__name__) return True
#@+node:ekr.20040915085351.5: ** run & helpers
[docs]def run(c,all): ''' Run all @produce nodes in a separate thread. Report progress via a timer in *this* thread. ''' aList = getList(c,all) = None def thread_target(): # runList must not change Leo's outline or log! # runList uses c only to update c.at_produce_command. runList(c,aList) t = threading.Thread(target=thread_target) t.setDaemon(True) t.start() timer = g.IdleTime(handler=None,delay=500,tag='at-produce') c._at_produce_max = 20 c._at_produce_count = c._at_produce_max -1 def timer_callback(tag): timer_callback_helper(c,t,timer) timer.handler = timer_callback timer.start()
#@+node:ekr.20040915085351.2: *3* getList
[docs]def getList(c,all): ''' Return a list of all @produce lines in body texts in an outline. all = True: scan c's entire outline. all = False: scan c.p and its descendants. ''' aList = [] iter_ = c.all_positions if all else c.p.self_and_subtree for p in iter_(): for line in p.b.split('\n'): if line.startswith(pr): aList.append(line) return aList
#@+node:ekr.20040915085351.6: *3* runList
[docs]def runList(c,aList): ''' Run all commands in aList (in a separate thread). Do not change Leo's outline in this thread! ''' f = open('produce.log', 'w+') PIPE = subprocess.PIPE try: for command in aList: if command.startswith(pr): c.at_produce_command = command command = command.lstrip(pr).lstrip() f.write('produce: %s\n' % command ) # EKR: 2017/05/05 # Replace popen3 per # fi, fo, fe = os.popen3(command) p = subprocess.Popen( command, # bufsize=bufsize, # close_fds=True, # Dubious to disable this. stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE, shell=True, ) fi, fo, fe = p.stdin, p.stdout, p.stderr while 1: txt = g.toUnicode( f.write(txt) if txt == '': break while 1: txt = g.toUnicode( f.write(txt) if txt == '': break fi.close() fo.close() fe.close() f.write('===============\n' ) finally: f.close()
#@+node:ekr.20140920173002.17966: *3* timer_callback_helper
[docs]def timer_callback_helper(c,t,timer): '''All drawing must be done in the main thread.''' if t.isAlive(): c._at_produce_count += 1 if (c._at_produce_count % c._at_produce_max) == 0: g.es_print(c.at_produce_command) else: f = open('produce.log','r') s = f.close() os.remove('produce.log' ) last = c.rootPosition() while last and last.hasNext(): last.moveToNext() p = last.insertAfter() p.h = 'produce.log from %s' % time.asctime() p.b = s c.redraw() timer.stop() g.es_print('at-produce: done')
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