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Sync local mailbox files over to Leo.

Creates mail-refresh command, which can only be applied to @mbox nodes of the form:

    @mbox <path to .mbox file>

The command parses the .mbox file and creates a separate node for each thread.

Replies to the original messages become children of that message.
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import leo.core.leoGlobals as g
import mailbox

if g.isPython3:
    # pylint: disable=no-name-in-module
    from html.parser import HTMLParser
    from HTMLParser import HTMLParser
#@-<< imports >>

#@+node:ville.20110125222411.10540: ** init
[docs]def init (): g.plugin_signon(__name__) return True
#@+node:ville.20110125222411.10546: ** mail_refresh & helpers
[docs]@g.command('mail-refresh') def mail_refresh(event): c = event['c'] p = c.p if p.h.startswith('@mbox'): aList = g.get_directives_dict_list(p) path = c.scanAtPathDirectives(aList) h = p.h[5:].strip() mb = g.os_path_finalize_join(path, h) if g.os_path_exists(mb): n = 0 root = p.copy() parent = None for message in mailbox.mbox(mb): n += 1 parent = emit_message(c, parent, root, message) c.redraw() g.es_print('created %s messages in %s threads' % ( n, root.numberOfChildren())) else: g.trace('not found', mb) else: g.es_print('Please select an @mbox node.')
#@+node:ekr.20170228150606.1: *3* class MLStripper
[docs]class MLStripper(HTMLParser): # pylint: disable=abstract-method def __init__(self): HTMLParser.__init__(self) # Can't use plain super in Python 2. self.reset() self.fed = []
[docs] def handle_data(self, data): self.fed.append(data)
[docs] def get_data(self): return ''.join(self.fed)
#@+node:ekr.20170228150717.1: *3* emit_message
[docs]def emit_message(c, parent, root, message): '''Create all the children of p.''' for part in message.walk(): part.get_content_maintype() payload = part.get_payload() subject = g.toUnicode(message.get('subject')) from_ = g.toUnicode(message.get('from')) if parent and subject.lower().startswith ('re:'): p = parent.insertAsLastChild() else: p = parent = root.insertAsLastChild() payload = g.toUnicode(payload) p.h = '%s [%s]' % (subject, from_) p.b = g.toUnicode(strip_tags(payload)) return parent
#@+node:ekr.20170228150636.1: *3* strip_tags
[docs]def strip_tags(obj): stripper = MLStripper() if isinstance(obj, list): # Python 3: obj may be an email.message object. # s = ''.join([z.as_string(False) for z in obj]) # False: don't include headers. else: s = obj stripper.feed(s) return stripper.get_data()
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