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mnplugins shows how to :
define new Commands  "insertOK" + "insertUser"
create Usermenu with new Commands

new Commands:
    insert 'OK' in headline and a stamp in the first body line
    are there child nodes without 'OK' verhindern OK in actual node.
    The right-click-icon command also inserts 'OK'.

insertUser : Shift-F6
    insert a <user/date/time> stamp at the current location in body text
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#@+<< imports >>
#@+node:ekr.20050101090717.1: ** << imports >>
import leo.core.leoGlobals as g

import leo.core.leoCommands as leoCommands
import time
#@-<< imports >>

OKFLAG='OK '  # Space required.
__version__ = "0.2"
    # 0.2: EKR: added c arg to setOK: fixes bug reported by pylint.

#@+node:ekr.20100128091412.5381: ** init (
[docs]def init(): '''Return True if the plugin has loaded successfully.''' g.registerHandler("start1", onStart) g.registerHandler("create-optional-menus",create_UserMenu) g.registerHandler("iconrclick2", onRclick) g.plugin_signon(__name__)'mnplug OK+Commands+Menu aktiv',color='green') return True
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.1: ** mnstamp
[docs]def mnstamp(): lt=time.localtime(time.time()) mndatetime=time.strftime('%y%m%d %H:%M',(lt)) return '### '
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.2: ** mnOKstamp
[docs]def mnOKstamp(): lt=time.localtime(time.time()) mndatetime=time.strftime('%y%m%d %H:%M',(lt)) return '###'
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.3: ** onStart
[docs]def onStart (tag,keywords): # insert function insertUser as method of class Commands at runtime g.funcToMethod(insertUser,leoCommands.Commands) g.funcToMethod(insertOKcmd,leoCommands.Commands)
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.4: ** setHeadOK
[docs]def setHeadOK(c,v): s = OKFLAG + v.h c.setHeadString(v,s)
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.5: ** mnplugins.insertBodystamp
[docs]def insertBodystamp (c,v): w = c.frame.body.wrapper stamp = mnOKstamp() + '\n' ins = w.getInsertPoint() w.insert(ins,stamp) c.frame.body.onBodyChanged("Typing")
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.6: ** is_subnodesOK
[docs]def is_subnodesOK(v): if not v.hasChildren(): return True else: ok = False child=v.firstChild() while child: s=child.h ok=s[0:len(OKFLAG)]==OKFLAG if not ok:break return ok
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.7: ** onRclick
[docs]def onRclick(tag,keywords): """Handle right click in body pane.""" c=keywords.get('c') insertOKcmd(c)
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.8: ** insertOKcmd
[docs]def insertOKcmd(self,event=None): c=self; v=c.currentVnode() if is_subnodesOK(v) : setHeadOK(c,v) insertBodystamp(c,v) else:'OK in child missing')
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.9: ** insertUser
[docs]def insertUser (self,event=None): """Handle the Insert User command.""" c = self w = c.frame.body.wrapper oldSel = w.getSelectionRange() w.deleteTextSelection() # Works if nothing is selected. stamp = mnstamp() i = w.getInsertPoint() w.insert(i,stamp) c.frame.body.onBodyChanged("Typing",oldSel=oldSel)
#@+node:ekr.20040205071616.10: ** create_UserMenu
[docs]def create_UserMenu (tag,keywords): c = keywords.get("c") c.pluginsMenu ="UserMenu") table = [ ("insUser", 'Shift+F6', c.insertUser), ("insOK",'Ctrl+Shift+O',c.insertOKcmd)],table,dynamicMenu=True)
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