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''' Supports @text nodes for reading and writing external files.

This plugin has been superceded by @edit nodes.

The @text node is for embedding text files in a leo node that won't be
saved with the leo file, and won't contain any sentinel leo comments.
Children of @text nodes are not saved with the derived file, though they
will stay in the outline. When a outline is first loaded any @text nodes
are filled with the contents of the text files on disk. To refresh the
contents of an @text node, execute the double-click-icon-box command on the

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#@@language python
#@@tabwidth -4

import leo.core.leoGlobals as g

import os.path
__version__ = "1.1"
    # Terry Brown: support for @path ancestors and uses universal newline mode for opening.

#@+node:ajones.20070122160142.2: ** init (
[docs]def init(): '''Return True if the plugin has loaded successfully.''' g.registerHandler(('new','open2'), on_open) g.registerHandler("save1", on_save) g.registerHandler("save2", on_open) g.registerHandler("icondclick1", on_icondclick) g.plugin_signon(__name__) return True
#@+node:ajones.20070122181914: ** on_icondclick
[docs]def on_icondclick(tag, keywords): c = keywords['c'] p = keywords['p'] h = p.h if g.match_word(h,0,"@text"): if p.b != "": result =, "Query", "Read from file "+h[6:]+"?") if result == "no": return readtextnode(c, p)
#@+node:ajones.20070122160142.3: ** on_open
[docs]def on_open(tag,keywords): c = keywords.get("c") if not c: return for p in c.all_positions(): h = p.h if g.match_word(h,0,"@text"): readtextnode(c, p) c.redraw()
#@+node:ajones.20070122161942: ** on_save
[docs]def on_save(tag,keywords): c = keywords.get("c") if not c: return for p in c.all_positions(): h = p.h if g.match_word(h,0,"@text") and p.isDirty(): savetextnode(c, p) c.setBodyString(p, "")
#@+node:tbrown.20080128221824: ** getPath
[docs]def getPath(c,p): path = [i.h[6:] for i in p.self_and_parents() if i.h[:6] in ('@path ', '@text ')] path.append(g.getBaseDirectory(c)) path.reverse() return os.path.join(*path)
#@+node:ajones.20070122181914.1: ** readtextnode
[docs]def readtextnode(c, p): changed = c.isChanged() name = getPath(c,p) try: file = open(name,"rU")"..." + name) c.setBodyString(p, p.clearDirty() c.setChanged(changed) file.close() except IOError as msg:"error reading %s: %s" % (name, msg))"...not found: " + name) c.setBodyString(p,"") # Clear the body text. p.setDirty()
#@+node:ajones.20070122185020: ** savetextnode
[docs]def savetextnode(c, p): name = getPath(c,p) try: file = open(name,"w")"writing " + name) file.write(p.b) file.close() except IOError as msg:"error writing %s: %s" % (name, msg)) p.setDirty() p.setMarked(1)
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