Source code for leo.plugins.zenity_file_dialogs

#@+node:ekr.20101110095202.5882: * @file
''' Replaces the tk file dialogs on Linux with external
calls to the zenity gtk dialog package.

This plugin is more a proof of concept demo than
a useful tool.  The dialogs presented do not take
filters and starting folders can not be specified.

Despite this, some Linux users might prefer it to the
tk dialogs.

import leo.core.leoGlobals as g
import leo.core.leoPlugins as leoPlugins
# import os
import subprocess
trace = False
#@+node:ekr.20101110095557.5886: ** testForZenity
[docs]def testForZenity(): command = [ 'which', 'zenity'] o = subprocess.Popen(command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) o.wait() o.communicate()[0].rstrip() ret = o.returncode return not ret
#@+node:ekr.20101110095557.5888: ** init
[docs]def init (): '''Return True if the plugin has loaded successfully.''' if g.unitTesting: return False ok = testForZenity() if ok: leoPlugins.registerHandler('start2', onStart2) g.plugin_signon(__name__) else: g.trace('failed to load zenity') return ok
#@+node:ekr.20101110095557.5890: ** onStart2
[docs]def onStart2 (tag, keywords): """Replace tkfile open/save method with external calls to zenity.""" g.funcToMethod(runOpenFileDialog, g.funcToMethod(runSaveFileDialog,
#@+node:ekr.20101110095557.5892: ** callZenity
[docs]def callZenity(title, multiple=False, save=False, test=False): command = [ 'zenity', '--file-selection', '--title=%s'%title] if save: command.append('--save') if multiple: command.append('--multiple') o = subprocess.Popen(command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) o.wait() filename = o.communicate()[0].rstrip() ret = o.returncode if ret: return '' if multiple: return filename.split('|') return filename
#@+node:ekr.20101110095557.5894: ** runOpenFileDialog
[docs]def runOpenFileDialog(title=None,filetypes=None,defaultextension=None,multiple=False): """Call zenity's open file(s) dialog.""" # initialdir = or g.os_path_abspath(os.getcwd()) return callZenity(title, multiple=multiple)
#@+node:ekr.20101110095557.5896: ** runSaveFileDialog
[docs]def runSaveFileDialog(initialfile=None,title=None,filetypes=None,defaultextension=None): """Call zenity's save file dialog.""" # or g.os_path_abspath(os.getcwd()) return callZenity(title, save=True)
#@-others #@@language python #@@tabwidth -4 #@-leo